Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wonderful Ulu Baram

Well... obviously i m not a good blogger but i am trying my very best.

I would like to say i love my kampung very much, and it was a beautiful place which is very far from the noise of the busy town and wonderful scenery. The people are also so nice and friendly.

To reach my village(kampung), we need to use logging road with 9 hours drive using 4 w drive.
These picture taken by myself on the way to my village using my big brother 4w hilux.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Marudi Regatta

Regatta at Marudi was a wonderfull occation which each of us must experience. The Regatta was only held once in every 3 years. There are so many activities has been schedule day and night for almost a week. As such for the youngster they enjoy it!!
There is a strenght day during Regatta. It was during the "Perahu Berhias" even. Only a few 'Perahu Berhias' passing, if not mistaken only 4 perahu are on, suddently a thunder storm and strong wind sweep the river bank and Marudi Town. A lot of people strendered by the heavy rain, not even can run until the shoplot near by to wait for the rain to calm. Everybody was shock, the day was begin with a beautiful sky no sign of rain or thunder storm.
I've heard that some rumours says, because of a "Perahu Berhias" which look like a dragon. They simply burn something in the artificial dragon mouth to make it look like real. Older people around says, shouldnt do like that. They believed the dragon was angry.